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The Romi Bed combines contemporary design with plush comfort, featuring a boucle fabric upholstered frame that gives it a cozy and inviting feel. The bed's unique rounded footboard and thick, cylindrical legs blend seamlessly, adding modernity and softness to its look. The tall, rectangular headboard provides a strong visual anchor, maintaining a consistent aesthetic with the same boucle upholstery. The low-profile design contributes to a sleek, streamlined appearance, making it a standout piece in any bedroom.

Crafted with a sturdy frame and upholstered in premium boucle fabric for a plush and durable finish.

The Romi Bed stands out with its boucle fabric upholstery throughout, offering a cozy feel. The rounded footboard and cylindrical legs create a modern and soft look, while the tall, rectangular headboard provides a strong visual anchor. The low-profile design enhances the sleek, contemporary appearance of the bed.

Regularly brush or vacuum the boucle fabric to remove dust. Spot clean any stains with a mild detergent and water solution. Avoid harsh chemicals to preserve the fabric’s texture and color.

Dimensions: W 194 x D 212 x H 110 cm.

*Expected delivery within 2-3 weeks.

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